What SEO means

Search engine optimization means reworking and rewording a website in order to noticeably increase the traffic from search engines such as Google. This method of optimization also affect the websites organic results.

Search engine optimization pertains to a variety of aspects of a website one example is the content found there but also involves how other websites connect to that website. In general a website receives more traffic when it is listed higher and more often in search results than other websites.

Although there are numerous ways a website can receive traffic the majority of traffic originates from search engines. Across the board most website traffic originates from the three largest search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO uses how search engines work, keywords and terms used in a search, what is being searched for and which search engines are used by which searchers to optimize marketing strategy via the web.

SEO can also refer to people who provide SEO services.

SEO often involves tightening the focus of your website, editing your content, HTML, and coding to raise the importance of keywords and removing obstacles to the crawling activities of a search engines indexing activities. (www.rankno1.co.uk)

However concentrating too much on certain changes of a website raising its ranking in search engines organic results may skew the results in an undesirable direction. (https://www.rankno1.co.uk/seo/)

SCO practices are either white hat methods that search engines encourage as good design and conform to a search engine’s guidelines or black hat methods which they discourage and are looked at as underhanded ways to get rankings. an example of black hat methods is hiding text in a website. (https://www.rankno1.co.uk/seo/london)

SCO may target various types of searches such as local searches, news searches, image searches, video searches, academic searches and also industry-specific vertical searches.

Search engines do two things: 1. They build their indexes by crawling websites to provide users with an organic list of results they have determined to be relevant. And 2. Then use a complex set of algorithms to process and build search results.

Before closing, a final group of tips to aid in raising a sites rankings using white hat methods.

A. Create focused and unique page titles. B. Make use of ‘descriptive’ meta-tags and apply correct heading tags. C. Improve your URL’ s structure. D. Make the navigation of your website as simple as possible. E. Offer the best quality of services and content. F. Make the most of your graphics. G. Include great anchor text. H. Guide mobile users accurately. I. Working with search engines web crawlers, effectively make use of robots.TXT